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My MISSOT (Managed Intelligent Single Source of Truth)

Protecting your brand, minimising death, injuries, fines and jail time.

Managed Intelligent Single Source of Truth

There’s too much red tape. We can’t keep up.

One person or company cannot keep up with all the rules and regulations. Heck, even most governments don’t even know how many rules there are.

No organisation can afford to employ subject matter experts full time across every area of regulatory compliance, so they split it up: Finance deal with financial compliance, Procurement with supply chain compliance, Facility Management with WHS and property compliance, etc. But even this isn’t enough in medium to small businesses, the poor Office Manager is expected to deal with it all, often with no training.

There are too many documents.We can’t keep everything up to date.

Compliance administration is a people problem.

An organisation often makes highly paid and highly skilled staff chase compliance paperwork.

These skilled staff hate it. It’s not a productive use of their time and skills. For them it’s a “
mind-numbing, soul destroying, never ending task”.

As a result, documents are not kept up to date until it’s too late and you and your bosses find yourselves in front of a judge facing fines and even jail time.

I don’t know who or what is non-compliant

Organisations have processes and procedures, but with no intelligent system in place, it’s impossible to report on daily compliance.

Organisations do not know which of their staff, properties, assets, suppliers or contractors are non-compliant on a daily basis.

If an audit is done, it’s often only annually. There are no real time dashboards, no KPI’s, no daily reporting of compliance and non-compliance.

Our documents are stored all over the place

Every organisation we’ve worked with has kept their compliance documents all over the place. In lever arch files, drawers, thumb drives, private folders on a desktop and when someone goes on leave, no-one knows where to find it.

Because there is no central system, departments keep their own copies resulting in massive duplication and a very high percentage of expired certificates.

If an organisation has set up a shared folder, staff often still need to search through layers of sub-folders to find a document and then open it to see when it expires.


Subject matter experts

To minimise deaths and injuries, avoid fines and jail, and to protect their brand and sustainability, organisations of all shapes and sizes use subject matter experts and consultants for non-financial compliance, e.g.

Workplace health and safety,

Food safety,

Property compliance

Duty of Care


If you need some help, here are a few we happily

Your Strytex minions

We hire people who love paperwork and data entry, and yes, we do exist.

We are the people chasing your suppliers for missing and expired documents, so your skilled staff don’t have to.

We are the pedantic pains in the neck working on your behalf. We are the picky people checking your audits, keeping you safe by reminding you there are critical defects that need to be rectified.

We do this one job all day every day. We are better at doing it than anyone else. We can do it faster, cheaper and more accurately than unspecialised staff.

Your Strytex compliance control matrices

Simply set up your rules in the Strytex compliance control matrices.

Every night, the system applies the rules across all the documents in your Single Source of Truth to make sure you have all the necessary mandatory documents and that they are up to date.

This gives you visibility.

You now immediately see who or what is non-compliant and exactly why they are non-compliant; which documents have expired, which are missing and which have failed.

Your Strytex SSOT (Single Source of Truth)

One single repository for all your company’s compliance certificates.

One single repository for all your supplier compliance certificates.

One Single Source of Truth for all your staff.

Search by name, date, supplier, property, staff member, it’s all there and instantly accessible.

Internal Compliance

There are three main services offered by Strytex.

MISSOT A fully featured managed service
ISSOT A hybrid self-managed fully featured product
SSOT FREE document storage



Suppliers Most Popular Experts only
Common to all Unlimited Users
Multilevel User access
Company Profile
Public Profile Link
Executive dashboard
Email alerts
System characteristics Hosted on Microsoft Azure
Fully encrypted
Two factor authentication for user set up and password changes
Full backup regime
Audit capabilities


Strytex is a Managed Service.
Almost every organisation struggles with keeping compliance documents up to date. It’s not your core business but it sucks up time and money as a “cost of doing business”.

We do the job everybody hates. We chase your staff to keep all your business documents up to date so that you know who or what is non-compliant and why.
We do all the hard work for you.

We don’t sell software we sell time, time that you can use to focus on your business.

Suppliers Most Popular Experts only
Managed Document loading service
Document chasing by your Strytex minion
Document Verification
3rd Party Document Validation
Dedicated Account Manager
Regular reviews


The compliance control matrices
This is the intelligent part of the system. This is where the smarts happens, but it takes skill to set it up correctly. As an analogy, organisations generally get a bookkeeper or accountant to set up the financial system to generate the right reports. We do the same here for your compliance reporting to set up your exception reports and KPIs

Once you have defined your rules, we work with you to optimise your compliance groups. We then apply advanced AND/OR logic and 2nd level attributes to set up your mandatory rules.

Once the control matrices are set up, the system can then produce the reports you need

  • Exception Reports
  • KPIs
  • Who or what is non compliant?
  • Why are they non-compliant?
  • What sub-groups is non-compliant and why?
Suppliers Most Popular Experts only
Intelligent Compliance Matrices
Mix and Match
My Business
My Staff
My Properties
My Assets Due Q4 Due Q4
My Products
My Projects
Who or what is non-compliant and why
Advanced reporting and dashboards

Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth document storage
We decided to provide basic document storage for free so that if we are managing your supplier compliance, they can add their documents for free.

All documents are divided into six classes

  • Staff – licences, training, WWCC
  • Property –i.e, Evac Map, Evac procedures, HAZMAT reports, HACCP certificates
  • Assets – maintenance records, certificates of conformance
  • Products – test records, homologation certificates, patent certificates
  • Projects – in ten years, we have only seen one documents that fitted here and it was a very specific insurance for a project.
  • Company – effectively everything else.

Time based compliance

  • Current
  • About to expire
  • Expired but with tolerance
  • Expired

Condition based compliance

  • Blank
  • Failed
  • Alert
  • Missing

Verification state

  • Unlocked
  • Locked by Member User
  • Verified by Strytex
  • Validated with 3rd party

Record state
Each document is either Active or Archived. Documents are not deleted because buyers need to keep supplier records for over 30 years.

Other features:

  • Bulk Load documents
  • Set internal Privacy
  • Set External Privacy
  • Define 2nd level attributes; how much insurance, what type of plumbers certificate
Suppliers Most Popular Experts only
Single Source of Truth Unlimited FREE Document Storage
Classify documents by Class
Archive documents
Lock documents
Smart grids
Export to excel
Internal Privacy Settings
External Privacy settings


There are a range standard reports available to all with specialised Administrator reports for the system administrator.

However, with the Smart Grids, you can create your own reports and export them to Excel.


Bugs and issues can be submitted through our ticketing system New feature requests can also be submitted through our ticketing system.

We are building a publicly available Knowledge Centre that provides far more information than just the FAQ’s.

Suppliers Most Popular Experts only
Support Phone support
Email ticketing
Knowledge Base
Live Chat Not yet Not yet Not yet

External Compliance

Because of our COIN (Community of Interest) approach, External Compliance is only offered as a Managed Service. This keeps the monthly subscription costs very low.

Supplier and Supply Chain Compliance
There is a subtle difference between internal and external compliance.

For internal compliance, all your business documents are loaded on your Single Source of Truth (SSOT).

For external compliance, all your supplier’s certificates are loaded on their Single Sources of Truth and your organisation simply links to their SSOT. This means that a single supplier document can be linked to multiple buyers.

Our reputation is on the line so we do not let anyone else load and verify B2B certificates. Instead of loading the same document over and over again, we simply link it, verify and lock it. On the plus side, it means we only load a document once, keeping your subscription costs low.

The Strytex external compliance service is an industry-wide, shared service which is why it can only be offered as a managed service.

Most Popular
The Basics Unlimited Users
Multilevel User access
Executive dashboard
System characteristics Hosted on Microsoft Azure
Fully encrypted
Two factor authentication for user set up and password changes
Full backup regime
Audit capabilities
Managed Service Document loading service
Chasing the supplier by your Strytex minion
Document Verification
3rd Party Document Validation
Dedicated Account Manager
Regular reviews
Intelligent Compliance Matrices
Their Business
Their Staff
Their Properties
Their Assets Due Q4
Their Products Not yet
Which suppliers are non-compliant and why
Unlimited links to suppliers
Advanced reporting and dashboards
Single Source of Truth Unlimited links to suppliers
Classify documents by Class
Archive documents
Smart grids
Export to excel
Reports Standard reports
Support Phone support
Knowledge Base
Email ticketing
Live Chat Not yet


Extra Storage

Additional Storage for FREE Subscribers.

If you’ve signed up for a subscription and are paying a monthly fee, relax. All your document storage is included.
If you are a Sole Trader or small supplier and have signed up for FREE document storage, it includes 250MB. If you need more space, for a small monthly fee, you can add an extra few GB.

RODI (Read Only Data Interface)

Are you an Excel, Power BI or Business Intelligence wizard?
Does your organisation have its own intranet portal with widgets and executive dashboards?
………. then this is for you.

Get a secure link directly into our Azure SQL database, so you can create your own graphs, charts and widgets. No need to wait for us to create that unique monthly report or chart you need.

Risk Matrix

A very popular new feature that allows an organisation to rank all documents and exception reports by Risk Factor.

It provides visibility for Boards, Risk Committees and Risk Managers and prioritisation for exception reports.

Partner Collaboration

Are you a B2B consultant?
Are you an accountancy firm?
Are you a trusted advisor to your clients?

How would you like to build monthly recurring revenue by selling a branded version of the Strytex portal and MISSOT?

Contact us for a chat. We love collaborating.

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