RODI – Read Only Data Interface

What is it?

The RODI is a “structured view” of your data in the database (see wiki).  As our technical team dumbed it down for me, “we’ve provided a read-only data interface for data analysis and synchronisation purposes.  It gives each Member access to their key raw data in an excel spreadsheet so they can play around with the information and use it elsewhere in their business.” so it’s a bit like an API but read only and one way.

The connection string is a unique secure link we provide so that you can view only your information.

So what can you do with the with the RODI?

Data Analysis

Create you own dashboards, reports and charts in Excel, Power BI etc.


Use the RODI as your Single Source of Truth (SSOT) to update and synchronise compliance statuses on all your other systems. For example:

  • update your finance and contract management systems so you can block orders if a supplier is non-compliant
  • update your facility management or building information management system
  • keep other databases in sync

So exactly what data is provided in the RODI?

We detailed the information in the attached file, in summary you get a number of views in the RODI

  • a list of all your active documents with status and expiry dates
  • a list of the compliance status of all your Staff
  • a list of the compliance status of all your Locations and Facilities…..some of our clients use this view to keep all their other systems in sync.

We are developing more views and will list them as they are done.

If you want a RODI link, simply raise a ticket and we will get back to you.

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