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Testimonials and Case Studies


Strytex was introduced by our service provider to provide oversight of our building compliance across the portfolio. It solved three key problems for us; transparency across our portfolio of over 200 properties from a compliance perspective; exception reporting that tells us exactly which properties are due I overdue for compliance inspections and assists our service providers in being proactive instead of reactive.

The system provides comfort that all our building compliance requirements are being tracked and essential documents are close to hand when required.


Charlie Ginty MRICS, MCR

Head of Real Estate & Workplace Services (Australia & New Zealand)

Newman College, University of Melbourne

We recommend Strytex because this time last year, we weren’t sure which compliance certificates we had, which had expired, and which were missing. We now know exactly how compliant our staff, properties and suppliers are.

Strytex solves two big problems; compliance auditing and lack of visibility. Instead of relying on our suppliers, with the Strytex compliance matrices, we know immediately if they have forgotten something and the dashboard highlights any non-compliance issue, so we can address the problem.Reporting is easy, meetings are simpler, we are hitting 100% compliance and best of all,Strytex manage all our paperwork for us.

Strytex has given us

  • A single source of truth so all our documents are in one place. No more hunting for documents and reporting is a breeze.
  • Compliance matrices where we set up our compliance rules. We now measure and track compliance across all our staff, properties and suppliers on a daily basis.
  • Time. We simply send all the documents to Strytex and they do all the rest.

We’ve gone from being unable to measure compliance to achieving 100% compliance within a year.


Rebecca Daley

Business Manager

St Mary’s College, University of Melbourne

Strytex was recommended by another College and offered immediate appeal as a user-friendly platform to, firstly, get us started, and then to develop and mature our compliance system.

From a task which had been daunting, it provided a structure, which we have been able to work through at our own pace with great support from Nigel, and which allowed us to enjoy some quick wins to “get into the game”.

I was particularly attracted by its application as a registry for policies, and we are now in the process, again, with great support from Nigel, of enhancing our policy coverage, and review processes.


Lindsay Foster

Business Operations Manager


Cushman & Wakefield (NZ)

Having been in that uncomfortable position in my early FM days, where you have an H&S inspector in your office demanding compliance documents, I know the benefits of a SSOT offering and would highly recommend you engage with one now. It will save you hours of stress and sleepless nights should you ever have a HSE visit your office.


Philip Turner

Senior Facilities Manager


Subject Matter Experts

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