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Hazard levels for sprinkler systems

Last modified: July 16, 2019
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We came across this in a Sprinkler report for New Zealand.  It also mentioned

  • OH1 Ordinary Hazard type 1
  • OH2 Ordinary Hazard type 2
  • OH3 Ordinary Hazard type 3
  • EHH Extra High Hazard
  • LH Light Hazard

We also came across this article from Australian Building Services which stated:

The type of sprinkler system to be installed will depend on the hazard classification of the building according to the NCC (National Construction Code).

The 3 main hazard classifications are :

  1.  Light Hazard
  2. Ordinary (OH1 – OH3)
  3. High Hazard

The main difference between the 3 categories is the volumes of water and storage required increases with the hazard classifications. i.e High Hazard required more water, in higher quantities in a shorter time.

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