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Global Glossary (Strytex term)

Last modified: July 17, 2019
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The Strytex Global glossary holds key information about every type of document on the Strytex system.

  • detailed descriptions are provided in this Knowledge Base and 
  • key metadata is held in the system.

When a document is loaded under a particular name, the associated metadata in the directory is automatically loaded.


Formal Name Every document in the Strytex system is loaded against a standard document name. This not only helps reduce spelling errors but also ensures that documents are loaded under the correct name.
Also known as Documents can have multiple names, i.e industry nicknames. any search includes these names as well. 
For instance, a Site Induction Card is also known as a Red Card.
Class Strytex assign every document to a named Class
– Asset
– Company
– Staff
– Product
– Property
– Project
– Staff
Renewal frequency How often it needs to be renewed:
– Never
– Weekly
– Fortnightly (or every two weeks)
– Monthly
– Quarterly (or every 3 months)
– Annually
– Every 2 years
– Every 3 years
– Every 4 years
– Every 5 years
– More than 5 years
Regions or countrySome documents are only valid in certain regions or countries of the world.
2nd level attributesWe are able to assign variable attributes to documents, for instance, in Australia public liability insurance can be $5million, $10million or $20million. We add the Insured value as an attribute field to be completed when a document is loaded.
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