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Compliance Classification

Last modified: March 27, 2021
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Strytex classifies all documents as: 

Staff An easy one first. Any document that has a person’s name on it. It can list multiple people, e.g. group training attendance records.  
Property Documents that refer to the whole of a building or facility your company owns or rents. Often has the physical street address on the certificate. Some certificates list multiple properties. 
Asset Any document that refers to a piece of plant or equipment your company owns or leases. This can be anything from laptops and mobile phones to boilers and trucks, pieces of art, etc.
In the financial definition, “asset” can also refer to tangible assets, intangible assets, fixed assets, current asset, etc.  Strytex is a governance risk and compliance system, not a financial system so while there is a lot of overlap, we don’t track every asset, e.g inventory, cash in hand etc.  
Product Documents that relate to a specific product or service that an organisation manufactures or provides. As patents generally refer to a product or service these documents are classified as product-related documents. 
Contract/Project Often contracts include compliance requirements, e.g supplier must be insured at all times, a particular project must carry it’s own project related insureance.
Company Most of what’s left over generally relate to the organisation as a whole, i.e insurance certificates, policies and procedures, business registrations, business licences, etc. and even includes some intangible assets like trademarks.

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