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Approved Food Supplier List

Last modified: November 20, 2019
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  • Company (template)
  • Property 


As part of the basic food safety programmes, organisations are required to maintain a list of Approved Food suppliers which lists

  • Name of supplier
  • Contact name
  • Contact details; Address; phone; email
  • Type of goods supplied
  • Statement that Chef  (or the relevant person) has sighted a current food safety certificate with the type, e.g.
    • HACCP
    • Food Registration certificate
    • etc
  • The expiry date of the food safety certificate
  • The date Chef (or the relevant person) gave approval to use the supplier

Associated Documents

  • Food safety programme.
  • Also, some of our corporate and small business clients,  who do not cook or prepare food, apply this template under their WHS Policy and Procedures for any food supplier that provides them with catering services for meetings, events etc.  

Internal Compliance

Organisations that use Strytex no longer need to keep these lists as all supplier compliance certificates are now kept and maintained for them in the Strytex system. If you are still using paper records, this form be updated annually. Separate records are required for each site as there may be different suppliers for different sites.

External Compliance

We have not yet come across an organisation that requires their suppliers to provide their list of their approved foo0d suppliers, i.e second level down in the supply chain. Instead, buyers rely on accredited certificates that rely on audits.

With the advent of paddock to plate etc, this may be changing. 

Also known as

We haven’t heard of them being referred to as anything else yet.


None that we are aware of yet.

2nd level attributes

None that we are aware of yet.

Renewal or Maintenance Frequency

The template should be reviewed at least every 5 years

The completed form should be reviewed yearly and updated whenever a new food supplier is added.  

Geographic Relevance

Pretty much globally

Relevant Acts, Regulations and Standards

GloballySee wiki Regulations by Jurisdiction and Agency
AustraliaFood Safety Act 1991 and regulated by FSANZ
Multiple local council laws and regulations. Check with your local council.
New ZealandNew Zealand’s Food Act 1981

Useful Links

Food Standards Australia New Zealand

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Australia

See also Local Council website for local council regulations

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