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Apply and monitor food safety requirements

Last modified: November 20, 2019
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This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to control and monitor food safety and respond to non-conformance as required by the food safety program.

This unit applies to food services workers who implement the requirements of the food safety plan. Work is performed under supervision and within defined guidelines. 

Associated Documents

  • Your food safety program

Internal Compliance

Our Members generally require this for all full-time and part-time kitchen staff. You may decide to send staff off for refresher training if their qualification has been superseded.

External Compliance

If you have an external organisation running your kitchen or food areas, you may consider requesting this certificate from all relevant contractors.

Also known as

We haven’t heard of them being referred to as anything else yet.


HLTFSE005Apply and monitor food safety requirements (Release 1)Current at Nov 2019. Supersedes HLTFS310C with significant changes
HLTFS310C Apply and monitor food safety requirements (Release 1) Supersedes and is equivalent to HLTFS10A
HLTFS10A Apply and monitor food safety requirements (Release 1) Superseded

2nd level attributes

None that we are aware of yet.

Renewal or Maintenance Frequency

Never needs to be renewed although some Members ask their staff to upgrade their qualifications if their course has been significantly superceeded.  

Geographic Relevance

This certificate is particlur to Australia, however your area probably has somethng similar. 

Relevant Acts, Regulations and Standards

See your local food safety laws and regulations

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