Based on years of research and the compliance administration hundreds of staff and properties and thousands of assets and suppliers we have developed a number of insights. In particular we’ve developed and continue to develop a suite of assurance frameworks and tools and we are happy to share them here.


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ORC model icon

The ORC model

1 June 2021

This article provides organisations with a model from which to build a comprehensive obligations register.

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Obligation hierarchy funnel

The Obligation Hierarchy

1 June 2021

A bias-free framework for prioritising and categorising obligations for any sized organisation in any industry.

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Man falling off ladder

The term ‘non-financial risk’ (NFR) should be banned

12 May 2021

James Frost makes some excellent points in ‘The rise and rise of the risk officers’, that CROs are responsible for...

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Man surrounded by paperwork with head in hands

The four stages of compliance

25 October 2019

Based on anecdotal evidence from talking to multiple prospects and clients we have come across four compliance types.

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A many headed beast

Operational GRC: Naming a dangerous, many headed beast

1 October 2019

The purpose of this article is to raise awareness of non-financial risks by coining the term ‘operational [governance, risk and...

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Office worker with fingers crossed behind their back

Baseline data: Trust your installer but verify

1 August 2019

Next time you are getting any equipment installed, make sure your installer is aware that you require a full and...

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