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January 30, 2017Assessing how you are dealing with WHS changes

Australian Institute of Company Directors – The Boardroom Report, Vol 10, Issue 31, 31 October, 2012 To assess how your organisation is performing under the new WHS laws, here are some suggestions of questions to raise before your next board meeting.


December 8, 2015Social Media and Web2.0 are helping the FM industry cut costs and increase compliance

Not only is there confusion around some of the IT buzzwords floating around, some people question whether ‘IT fads’ can deliver measurable business benefits for an industry. This article clears up some of the confusion and shows how COINs (Communities of Interest) are delivering clear and measurable benefits to the FM industry.


December 7, 2015COINs for Compliance

How project managers can mitigate risk by using online Communities of Interest (COINs)


October 25, 2015Compliance need monitoring

Actions by suppliers are damaging brands and reputations and more and more company directors, officers and managers are facing prosecution for supplier negligence. Why are purchasing and contract professionals not adequately protecting themselves and their organisations? Nigel Dalton-Brown shares his research into how companies are managing supplier compliance and exposes the underlying issues.


Templates and Froms

Policy Template

A useful template for all your policy documents. It includes useful things to remember like a review date. We recommend all policies are reviewed at least every five years but you can decide to review policies around high risk issues every year if you like. It’s up to you.