We are gradually building a resource for all things compliance related. At the moment the directory and datasheet libraries are only available to Members but once it gets big enough, we will be made available to anyone.
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Directory of compliance document types

For Members only. A bit like a wiki for compliance documents that provides

  • A brief description of the compliance document with brief explanation,
  • What it is commonly used for,
  • Links for further information, eg. to issuing authority,
  • and where possible, a specimen document.

A work in progress.

Global library of safety and product datasheets

For Members only. A service to the industry. As we collect more and more SDS and PDS, we will make them publically available on line.


Go to this site to search for and buy any Australian Standards. Hint: You can generally access standards for free at your local National Library.

Use this site to search for almost any global standard.

Regulations covering electrical equipment safety and efficiency.


Policy Template

A useful template for all your policy documents. It includes useful things to remember like a review date. We recommend all policies are reviewed at least every five years but you can decide to review policies around high risk issues every year if you like. It’s up to you.

Sample forms

Staff consent – Use of Personal Information

In Australia, Privacy laws have become quite onerous, especially where personal information is stored on computers or passed on to others for legal or industry compliance purposes.

Use this form to get the consent of your employee to store their personal information on your systems and to share this information with your trading partners.