Once you sign up, we need to complete some easy steps. Once finished, we simply take over your compliance document administration and begin reducing your stress.

Set up and reference audit

There is a bit of setting up, but as this is a service, not a product, we have made it as simple and stress free as possible….and as a bonus you get an audit report at the end.



Step 1: Depending on the service module(s) chosen, simply send us all your current relevant documents. These can be faxed, emailed or posted, we don’t mind, although, if you do post them, we suggest you keep a copy in case they get lost in the post….it can happen.
Step 2: We work with you to set up the relevant mandatory documentary requirements (MDR) for the relevant service module(s) you have chosen.
Step 3: There is no step three, we simply do all the rest.

  • We set up your secure site on the portal.
  • We load all your relevant current documents for you.
  • If you have chosen the Suppliers and Contractors module, we also set up a secure site for each supplier/contractor and load all their documents you have given us.

Once set up is complete, we send you the reference audit report which, based on the documents you’ve sent us and the documentary requirements you’ve defined, tells you how compliant things are, namely

  • Who/what is non–compliant and why
  • What documents, if any, are missing?
  • What documents, if any, have expired and not been updated?
  • What documents, if any, show uncompleted remedial action?
  • and a load of other relevant stuff

We also train all your users on how to use the system, although there isn’t much to do as most of the time all you need to do is simply give us a call and ask us to do something.

Ongoing administration

Simply sit back and relax. We keep everything up to date for you.

Based on your mandatory documentary requirements, we work on keeping everything up to date. We do all the legwork and

  • warn you and your staff before documents expire
  • chase you and your staff for updated documents. You simply send them to us and we update your system.

If you’ve chosen the Suppliers and Contractors module, we do all the chasing for their documents on your behalf.

We would love to tell you that we keep everything up to date, 100% of the time but it simply isn’t always possible. Occasionally we may need your help to use a big stick on a delinquent supplier, or sometimes government agencies simply take a long time to issue certificates.