You just want to know which suppliers and contractors are non-compliant and why.


Responding to a contractor related Workcover request or investigation, simply log on and show Workcover how professionally you view your WHS responsibilities.
Undergoing a supplier or quality audit and need to pull together all your supplier certificates. Save yourself hours of work because everything will be all in your Managed Single Source of Truth (MASSOT)
Need to add a new supplier? Simply add them to the correct group and it will define all their mandatory and optional documentary requirements.
The Strytex Supplier and Contractor compliance document administration service keeps you up to date, gives you advance warning of certificates that are about to expire as well as telling you who is non-compliant and why.

Who could benefit from this type of service?

  • Facility Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • WHS/OHS Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Risk Managers



Fair pricing

We have organised it so organisations with more suppliers and contractors, who get more benefit, pay more. Too many systems charge small organisations the same as large organisations and we don’t think this is fair.Read More »

A service, not a product

Strytex supplier and contractor compliance document administration is a service not a product. We do all the hard work.Read More »

Executive dashboard

Your overview of supplier and contractor compliance with KPIs, charts and reports.Read More »

Unique documentary requirements

Every organisation is different with its own policies and procedures. Don’t rely on “industry” requirements, set your own unique documentary requirements.Read More »

Document chasing

This module is slightly different from the staff and facilities modules. These documents are owned, managed and controlled by your suppliers and contractors. However, we do all the chasing for you so you have access to your mandatory documentary requirements.Read More »

Site & User administration

We would really prefer it if you asked us to do all the work, but we know some Members would like to have some administrative control.Read More »