Compliance document
administration for schools

Staff, facilities, suppliers or contractors, let the Strytex team manage your compliance documents so you can focus on education.
Simple idea, simple solution, simple decision.

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Paperwork getting you down?

Get the Strytex team manage your compliance documents and KPIs so you can concentrate on your business.
Simple idea, simple solution, simple decision.

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A managed single source of truth
for all our compliance documents

Staff, facility, supplier or contractor compliance documents, we have up to date KPIs and reports all in one place. Managing compliance is now a breeze.
Simple idea, simple solution, simple decision.

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Business too small to a hire a
specialist manager?

Let the Strytex team manage your compliance documents so you can concentrate on your business.
Simple idea, simple solution, simple decision.

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What is Strytex?

We take over all your Staff, Facility, Supplier and Contractor compliance document administration and give you back your sanity.

Strytex is a simple idea.

Instead of having expensive professional staff wasting their time chasing compliance paperwork, outsource this low level administrative task to the Strytex team.

Strytex is a simple solution.

We have a dedicated team of administrative staff whose sole job is to keep your internal and external compliance documentation up to date. On your behalf, we chase all the required documents and certificates. We collect them and accurately  load them on to your secure site, creating a company-wide, Managed Single Source of Truth (MASSOT).

Strytex is a simple decision.

Because we focus on a simple low level administrative task; we can do it faster and cheaper. We have well paid administrative staff doing administrative tasks rather than well paid professional staff doing administrative tasks and because we focus on doing one thing we do it very efficiently.

I want to simplify my compliance administration and save hours of wasted time.

Why do I need it?

There are three reasons why organisations need the Strytex service; COMPLEXITY, RISK and COST.

The COMPLEXITY of compliance

According to the Deloitte report “Get out of your own way. Unleashing Productivity”, Nov 2014, “we don’t even know how many government bodies there are that can set rules in the first place, let alone the number of rules those agencies have laid down…….Yes, that’s right – we can’t even count the rule-makers, let alone the rules.

Strytex reduces the complexity by creating a Managed Single Source of Truth (MASSOT) for each business to help them keep track of their hundreds or thousands of compliance documents.

The RISK of non-compliance

Most small, medium and even some large organisations can’t afford specialist compliance managers who can keep up to date with all the changing rules across all areas of compliance like WHS, HR, facility management, food safety, supply chain, IT etc. And now. in the event of a failure to comply with WHS legislation, senior managers, as Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) may be prosecuted even if no-one is injured. With non-compliant suppliers and contractors, reputational and brand risk is also a factor.

Strytex reduces risk by sharing practical information to help keep business managers up to date.

The COST of compliance

Deloitte Access Economics estimates that rules and regulations cost Australia $249 billion per year, every year, of which, 20% is spent on administrative costs. Compliance is a costly, mind‑numbing, never-ending, soul-destroying task. It’s generally spread out piecemeal across an organisation, so no one really knows how much it costs.

Strytex reduces the cost by focussing on the low level administrative tasks and doing them very efficiently.

How does it work?

We simply take over all your Staff, Facility, Supplier and Contractor compliance document administration.  We load all your internal compliance documents, and external ones from your suppliers and contractors, on to your Managed Single Source of Truth (MASSOT). You simply give us your lists of Mandatory Required Documents and we do all the rest.  Simple really.

Our clients tell us there are only two questions they really want answered:

  • Who or what is non compliant?…and
  • Why are they non-compliant?

To answer these two questions; all we simply need are your mandatory documentary requirements and the latest copies of all relevant compliance documents. Using these two vital pieces of information we can then define who is and isn’t non-compliant.

What types of compliance does Strytex cover?

Internal Compliance

External Compliance

Materials Compliance

We reduce these six to four modules because a contractor is simply a category of supplier and a product datasheet is logically similar to a safety datasheet.

So to get your sanity back, and 2 weeks a year for every employee,  simply give us

  • copies of all your compliance documents,
  • your compliance rules, or Mandatory Required Documents,

and let us do the rest. It’s simple really.


What are the benefits for me?

We will save you time, money and sanity. Sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work. Simply give us your documents and rules. We set everything up and keep everything up to date so you don’t have to.

All you need to do is log in to the portal to see who or what is non-compliant and then drill down to see why they are non-compliant. Oh yes, we also send you a monthly report.

You get a service not a product

Strytex is a service with real people. We do all the administration work for you. So instead of spending 8 weeks a year on compliance, you can spend that time generating profit.

A secure, managed, single source of truth (MASSOT)

Depending on which modules you sign up to, Strytex provides you with a secure managed online document store for all your compliance documents.

Get rid of boring paperwork

You need to know is who, or what, is non compliant and why. We do the boring paperwork so you can sit back and relax.

Executive dashboard

Thought your online portal, get a full 360° view of all your compliance risks across your Staff, Facilities, Suppliers and Contractors.

100% supplier participation

It’s free for suppliers so they will all sign up.

Breadth of documents

We can store any type of compliance pdf document. We don’t care if it’s a food safety document, a licence or an insurance certificate, we can cope.

You are in control

Your organisation is unique, so set your own mandatory documentary requirements. Don’t settle for industry requirements.

Document verification

We verify documents are loaded correctly, i.e start dates, end dates etc.

As we grow larger, and as governments and industries open up their databases, we will also develop automatic daily validation of licences, insurance etc.

Eliminate false positives

We check 2nd level attributes, such as insured value. For instance if you require $10 million insurance, but a supplier only has $5 million dollars insurance, we record that supplier as non-compliant.

Benchmark reports

As we grow, we will be able to give you on insights about your industry.

Customise your own SDS and PDS sub-libraries

All Members have access to the global datasheet library and can create their own customised sub-libraries.

Cloud benefits

We give you all the benefits of a cloud based solution, i.e access from anywhere through a web portal and Microsoft Azure dependability and security.