Think of it as a FREE website and because Strytex is Business to Business (B2B) only, you are not competing with Business to Consumer (B2C) sites.

FREE company profile

94% of all businesses have a turnover of less than $2 million per year.

The majority of these businesses either don’t have a website or can only afford a basic website which simply states; who we are, what we do and their contact details. Why should the vast majority of companies waste hundreds of dollars a year on a basic website when you can use Strytex for FREE in a business to business (B2B) listing.

Google searchable as well.

Company contact details

Your logo, company name, phone number, address and a “Contact Us” button for email. If you have a snazzy website and want to keep it, you can add a link.

Who you are

Tell potential buyers a bit about your company.

Your business activities

Choose from a list of over 20,000 business activities. Simply search, click and add.

What you do

Use the business activities list and say more about the products and services you provide. Promote yourself to your customers and potential customers.

Save hundreds of dollars a year on search engine optimisation.

This is a B2B environment. There are no B2C, social media or other sites to compete with you.

Everyone gets a standard template, no marketing fluff. We want to create a level playing field so all companies, whether corporate, SME or sole trader, have exactly the same basic template.

Rankings are based on business rules, no hidden marketing algorithm. By loading all your compliance certificates, your ranking is measured by your compliance to the buyer’s requirements and numbers of customers, not some marketing algorithm.


We do not show email addresses because we hate spammers. Instead your company profile has a “Contact us” button that hides your email address.

Website link as well.

If you have a great website, we don’t want to replace it, just add a link in your company profile. We want to help those who don’t have, or can’t afford a fancy website by giving them a FREE google searchable company profile page on Strytex.