Load and forget. We remind you.

Store all your compliance documents and policies in one place. Create a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for your whole company. No more running around trying to find documents for tenders and quotes.

Automatic alerts and reports.

As a busy business, you don’t want to waste time trying to work out what documents need updating. Insurances, licences etc.
Just put in an expiry date and Strytex sends you a reminder.

Dashboard alerts

The dashboard is the first screen you see. For Premium and Sponsored Members, it’s very simple; red bad, grey good. Simply click on the pie chart to see what’s causing the problem.

All members get a table showing the number of internal documents that have expired, are about to expire or that have failed in some way.

  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Table that shows you what % of your Active documents are considered non compliant
  • A table that shows you all your Active and Archived documents so you no longer need to file anything
  • Icon that shows which documents are “Managed by Strytex”
  • A table that shows your compliance status with your customers
  • Depending on which modules your organisation has subscribed to, you see pie charts showing % compliance
  • Basic
  • Sponsored


We still don’t have paperless offices so reports will be with us for a long time to come.

Access a list of standard reports that you can quickly and easily print out for your boss or for your meetings. We even email you a standard report every month that lists all the documents that require attention.

  • Reports
  • Monthly emailed report that details all your “Documents requiring attention"
    • About to expire
    • Have expired
    • Require remedial action, e.g a failed audit report
  • Monthly emailed report that highlights any “Documents requiring attention” that are required documents defined by your customers
    • Are about to expire
    • Which have expired
    • Which ones require remedial action, e.g a failed audit report
  • Standard reports which can be printed at any time
  • Report detailing which customers require what documents