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Even as a Basic Member, I’m getting more enquiries because buyers can see I run a professional outfit. I’ll soon become a Sponsored Member.
Using Strytex is a simple decision.

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FREE document management for small business

For the first time, we have all our compliance documents in one place and we get alerts before documents expire. It’s free and easy to use.
Using Strytex is a simple decision.

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Our customers use Strytex

As a Sponsored Member, I simply send all my compliance documents to Strytex who do all the work for me and my linked customers, and it’s FREE!
Using Strytex is a simple decision.

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Grab the competitive advantage and get pre-approved

Load all your compliance documents for FREE so that when buyers are looking for new suppliers, your organisation will be pre-approved as compliant.

Strytex. It’s a simple decision.


Strytex. The simple solution and it's FREE

Stay up to date. Stay pre-approved.

Load and forget. We remind you. Store all your relevant documents and policies in one place and give access to your customers and prospective customers.

Strytex. It’s a simple decision.

Keep up to date

You get automatic alerts and reports before your certificates expire so you can remain up to date and compliant at all times.

Stay pre-approved

Load and share all your key compliance policies, licences and certificates and share them with your clients.

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As a Sponsored Member, we will be phoning you for updated documents, so we keep you up to date.

Basic Member

As a Basic Member, you get monthly email alerts and reports to help you keep up to date.

Strytex. The simple solution and it's FREE.

FREE benefits of using Strytex

Popular features to simplify your business, with practical services to promote and grow your business.

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Signing up for our Basic service is completely free and Sponsored Members get even more.Member Comparison »

FREE company profile

Promote your organisation, your products and your services. It’s a bit like a free website and may save you $100s per year.Company Profile »

Boost your competitve avantage

Choose from over 20,000 listed business activities that buyers use when looking for new suppliers.Your Advantage »

FREE compliance document storage

UNLIMITED for Sponsored Members and up to 250MB for Basic Members.Document Storage »

FREE document loading service

For Sponsored Members, we even load and check your customer required documents for you.Document Loading »

FREE email alerts and reports

Never forget a document renewal again. We even chase Sponsored Members.Alerts and Reports »