Implement And Sustain ​A Compliance Culture​

Foster a transparent, all informed culture through the development and maintenance of an independant single source of truth.​

Phase 2​ The Single Source of Truth (SSOT)​


Implement an effective compliance management system.


Maintain your single source of truth.

Implement an effective compliance management system.​

The implementation project assists staff members to build the baseline obligations register, single source of truth and control groups. ​

Once staff members have completed the development sessions and workshops, Strytex works with senior management to divide participants into two streams: the ORC stream and the LEGORC® stream. Depending on the size of the business, each stream consists of various assurance circles, like the quality circles on the 1990’s. Each circle workshops their section of the implementation project.

Strytex facilitates each circle, providing the technology platform and assuming the centralised consolidation and review function.

Assurance Circles​


ORC circles employ a research-driven, top-down approach to build their section of the obligations register.

Using the ORC model, they work with internal and external subject matter experts to populate the obligations register.

Strytex provides online guidance to all ORC circles and facilitates regular reviews.


LEGORC® circles employ a data-driven, bottom-up approach to build their section of the obligations register.

​LEGORC® circles collect as many compliance documents as possible and develop the obligations register from the bottom up.

Strytex provides online guidance to all LEGORC® circles and facilitates regular reviews.


Establish the starting conditions from which all improvements can be measured​.


Build the obligations register, single source of truth and control groups to calculate the initial KPIs.


Use the baseline to set realistic goals to inform and motivate stakeholders.

Maintaining the single source of truth​

Compliance documents continuously expire – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every 5 years, even every 30 years.

Without continual maintenance, the single source of truth will rapidly fall out of date, even during the implementation period.

Don’t Worry! Strytex stays with you to maintain your SSOT. 

We do the job everybody hates – we maintain all your internal and supplier compliance documents for you.

Red tape adminstration is our core business; don’t make it yours!

Our Insights

We’ve presented our frameworks at national conferences and published articles and white papers with leading professional associations, detailing the tools and techniques.
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Risk Matrix

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