How to do loads of stuff with the grids

3D cube of cubes

The grids are pretty powerful. There is a lot you can do with them.

Column Controls

Action How
Change the order of columns
To move a column, simply “left click and hold” on the column header and drag the column to where you want it.
Hide/Add columns
First, click on the “Column Chooser” icon which should be at the top right of the screen. This will then open a pop-up screen. There may already be some hidden columns listed her. To remove a column, drag the column into the pop-up screen. To add a column, drag it from the “Column chooser” to where you want it.
Resize column
In the column heading row, hover your mouse over the right-hand side border and the pointer will change to a resize icon. Left-click and resize the column.
Pin/Fix a column to the left or right
Right-click on the column heading and you will see a few options, one of which is Fix either to the left or the right. Simply click on the one you want and the column will be moved to the left or right and pinned there. To undo, simply right click and choose Unfix.

Sorting and Filtering

Action How
Sort by a single column
Simply left-click on the column heading and the grid will be sorted by that column, e.g A-Z. Click again to sort in the other direction, e.g Z-A. If you right-click on a column heading, you will see extra options.
Sort by multiple columns
To sort by multiple columns when using mouse and desktop, simply shift and left-click on each column in turn. When you next click on a column heading, the multi-column sorting will be cleared.
Click on the Filter icon in the top row and apply your filtering conditions. Depending on the data, you will be presented with multiple filtering functions, e.g date functions for dates and text options for text. You can apply filters across multiple columns.
Clear filters
To clear a filter in one column, hover on the filter icon and click on “Select All”. To clear all filters, click on the Clear button top right.


Action How
Search within a column
To search within a column, use the search field under the Column header.
Global search
To search the whole grid, use the global search field at the top right of the page. This search will only search visible columns. Hidden columns are not included in the search.


Grouping is very powerful and incredibly easy. Simply “left click and hold” and drag a column heading to the text “Drag a column header here to group by that column“at the top left of the table. You can drag multiple columns and you can reorder the column headings in this area to change the order in which the grid is grouped.

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