A global survey into Supplier Compliance Management – May 2010

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This slide pack summary provides the key findings of the survey into the Importance of Supplier Compliance
Management. The survey was carried out by Strytex during May 2010. The results are based on 227 respondents from
a range of industries, seniority and regions.

The key findings are:

  • 30% of organisations don’t know how often they audit supplier compliance or don’t measure it
  • 79.6% of organisations either have no system or just a manual system for managing
    thousands of compliance documents
  • 44% of organisations are trying to manage over 5,000 compliance documents, each
    with different expiry dates
  • and almost 50% of companies responded that they did not remove suppliers for
    non-compliance because they could not track it well enough

Nigel Dalton-Brown, GAICD, AMIIA, MBA

Managing Director, Chair, Speaker, Lecturer, Author

Nigel is the Founder of Strytex and has been presenting and writing on Goverence, Obligational Awarenss, Risk Management and Compliance administration (GORC) since 2010.

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