Explanation of icons

Here are most of the key icons used in the system.  Whilst we’ve used green, amber red warning colours, we’ve also chosen shapes that can be understood, even when printed in black and white.

Table of key Strytex icons

Explanatory notes

Icon name Description
Your administrator or managing agent has locked this document. Some fields can still be edited but the critical fields can no longer be edited.
Verified by Strytex
Strytex has locked and verified that the key information has been entered correctly. NB Verified does not mean validated.
This document has been validated against a third-party database.
All control or mandatory documents are tagged with this icon. That way you can see which are really important. If you are a supplier, it means that at least one of your Customers deems this to be a mandatory document.
For some reason, this document has failed. It could be a failed audit report and actions are required to pass the audit.
Whilst this document hasn’t failed, you can tag it with an alert if there is a query or question that needs to be resolved.
Just means there is some text in the notes section of a particular document.

Nigel Dalton-Brown, GAICD, AMIIA, MBA

Managing Director, Chair, Speaker, Lecturer, Author

Nigel is the Founder of Strytex and has been presenting and writing on Goverence, Obligational Awarenss, Risk Management and Compliance administration (GORC) since 2010.

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