Continuous improvement with effective management

Capitalise on earned success through continuous improvement, ongoing cost reductions and detailed assurance reporting. ​

Phase 3​ Co-Sourced Internal Audit​

Continuous Improvement

An effective compliance management system requires continuous improvement.


Monitor the business for the continuous growth.

Continuously improve your assurance​

Once the baseline has been established the focus turns to continuous improvement.

Strytex works with organisations to focus on four main areas…


The Obligation Hierarchy

The obligations hierarchy prioritises compliance by the potential consequence of non-compliance for an organisation.

Mandatory governmental obligations are the top priority and dealt with first and then all the remaining voluntary obligations are dealt with in turn. 


The Risk Matrix

The risk matrix prioritises non-compliance by likelihood and consequence.

Very high risk non-compliances are the top priority and dealt with first and then all the remaining risk are dealt with in decreasing priority. 

Document Quality

Document Quality

Document quality is a constant problem.

  • Templates are often badly designed making it difficult for users to complete​ and 
  • Completed forms are missing vital information like dates, signatures, uncompleted tasks, defect ratings​.

Strytex works with organisation to improve the quality of their documentation. We help redesign template forms to make them easy to follow and complete; we audit every compliance certificate to check it provides organisation with the protection and assurance they need.



Suppliers of maintenance service often simply tick the boxes however, our clients rely on their suppliers for their specialist knowledge and expertise to keep their staff and stakeholders safe. 

Strytex, on behalf of our clients, works with suppliers to modify their approach from box-ticking to assurance, keeping our clients and their stakeholders safe and sound. 

Monitoring the business​

The Strytex portal dashboard provides management and staff with near real-time compliance data so they can quickly see who or what is non-compliant and drill down to see why they are non-compliant.

The RAG report

The RAG (red, amber, green) report provides a daily snapshot of what documents

— are about to expire

— have expired but within tolerance

— have expired and are now out of tolerance​

— are current but failed. ​

The RAG report enables staff to chase expired activities as well as execute corrective actions and plan for activities that are about to expire. or that are current but failed.

The Exception Report

The exception report not only takes into account the known knowns from the RAG report but also applies the control groups to highlight the known unknows, i.e. what’s missing.

The exception report provides the artificial intelligence and measurable assurance that the controls are in place and being followed.

Our Insights

We’ve presented our frameworks at national conferences and published articles and white papers with leading professional associations, detailing the tools and techniques.
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The ORC model

This article provides organisations with a model from which to build a comprehensive obligations register.

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Major Release 4.3

After months of coding, coffee, doughnuts and testing, we have released 4.3 to the world! - Customisable grids, which means customisable reports - Define your own sub-glossary to eliminate confusion...

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Risk Matrix

We've just made the Strytex platform even more powerful. We've added a risk matrix so you can prioritise all your assurance certificates by risk!

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Compliance needs monitoring

First published by Procurement Professional, the official magazine of CIPS Australia, June 2011 Purpose Actions by suppliers are damaging brands and reputations and more and more company directors, officers and...

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Networking shares the risk

Collecting compliance information from suppliers and subcontractors is a costly, time-consuming, soul-destroying task. Nigel Dalton-Brown suggests an alternative approach which distributes the administration costs across the industry.

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