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Category: <span>Operational Assurance Thought Leadership</span>

A great tip to reduce risk of the unknown – True Negative statements

“False positives” are bad but “True negatives” can remove a lot of guesswork One of our clients recently ran an audit for Hazardous Materials Report for all their managed properties and they discovered a number of buildings have no Hazardous Materials report. They now have to try to work out if these buildings are missing […]

The next 5 steps to take back control of your red tape

Trying to work out the compliance rules often looks like a dark and forbidding forest that no one wants to enter. This article will help make it look less scary. The earlier article provided the first two easy steps to breaking the flood of paperwork into more manageable wavelets. This article provides a framework to […]

Two easy steps to begin to take control of your red tape

Red tape creates a flood of paperwork and it just keeps on knocking you down because these documents keep on expiring and need to be kept up to date. This article gives you the first two steps to get your head above water. The next article gives you 4 easy steps to keep your head […]

Policies, Procedures and Forms and review periods

At Strytex, we see a lot of policies, procedures and forms from a lot of different organisations, some good, some bad. Here’s how we define the differences and we have defined two types of forms. Above all, keep it simple. A Policy is a clear, simple statement of how your organisation intends to conduct its […]
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