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The term ‘non-financial risk’ (NFR) should be banned

James Frost makes some excellent points in ‘The rise and rise of the risk officers’, that CROs are responsible for a vast range of risks and that CROs need a much wider and diverse set of skills. There are, however, two main areas where I disagree and both are caused by the damaging term, ‘non-financial […]

The four stages of compliance

Just had some great feedback on my article OpGRC: Naming a dangerous many headed beast that reminded me of a slide I used to use in conference presentations around 9 years ago. The feedback on the article was that organisations are “split broadly into two camps, the firms that try to comply but find it […]

Operational GRC: Naming a dangerous, many headed beast

Operational GRC is often overlooked but it is just as important as financial GRC and potentially carries more risk. Operational GRC is accountable to a wide range of local and national regulators, making compliance complicated and challenging. There is no standardised position or team within an organisation to oversee operational GRC and take ownership of […]

Baseline data: Trust your installer but verify

How often have you received a one-sentence Installation and Commissioning certificate that simply states “We certify that we have installed and tested XYZ according to the standard ABC (or manufacturer’s instructions)“. I’m afraid these bland, one-line statements are simply not good enough! Buyers need to demand that installers include the baseline data as part of the […]

The 6 worst mistakes we’ve seen in supplier reports

We track thousands of certificates for our clients and have seen quite a few bad quality documents. Had an absolute classic one a few days ago, so I thought I’d list six of the worst mistakes we’ve seen. Do you recognise them? Do you have any horror stories? 1. No date This was the recent […]

Compliance rules: Tips on where to find them.

I’ve had a few people contact me about my articles Two easy steps to begin to take control of your red tape The next 5 steps to take back control of your red tape asking I’m responsible for reporting on compliance and I’m not comfortable we are tracking everything we should be. What should we […]

A Decison Tree for SWMS, JSAs and SWPs

Last week I wrote an article “Can we please get SWMS, JSAs, SWPs etc under control?” Rather than just griping, I’ve put together a decision tree that may provide some help for when to use a SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) and when to use a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) or a SWP (Safe Work […]
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