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The term ‘non-financial risk’ (NFR) should be banned

James Frost makes some excellent points in ‘The rise and rise of the risk officers’, that CROs are responsible for a vast range of risks and that CROs need a much wider and diverse set of skills. There are, however, two main areas where I disagree and both are caused by the damaging term, ‘non-financial […]

The four stages of compliance

Just had some great feedback on my article OpGRC: Naming a dangerous many headed beast that reminded me of a slide I used to use in conference presentations around 9 years ago. The feedback on the article was that organisations are “split broadly into two camps, the firms that try to comply but find it […]

Major Release 4.3

After months of coding, coffee, doughnuts and testing, we have released 4.3 to the world! So what’s the big deal we hear you ask….well it should make your life a lot easier. There are two main changes Customisable grids, which means customisable reports Until now, all the lists of documents have been presented in a […]

Baseline data: Trust your installer but verify

How often have you received a one-sentence Installation and Commissioning certificate that simply states “We certify that we have installed and tested XYZ according to the standard ABC (or manufacturer’s instructions)“. I’m afraid these bland, one-line statements are simply not good enough! Buyers need to demand that installers include the baseline data as part of the […]

Compliance rules: Tips on where to find them.

I’ve had a few people contact me about my articles Two easy steps to begin to take control of your red tape The next 5 steps to take back control of your red tape asking I’m responsible for reporting on compliance and I’m not comfortable we are tracking everything we should be. What should we […]

Two easy steps to begin to take control of your red tape

Red tape creates a flood of paperwork and it just keeps on knocking you down because these documents keep on expiring and need to be kept up to date. This article gives you the first two steps to get your head above water. The next article gives you 4 easy steps to keep your head […]

Policies, Procedures and Forms and review periods

At Strytex, we see a lot of policies, procedures and forms from a lot of different organisations, some good, some bad. Here’s how we define the differences and we have defined two types of forms. Above all, keep it simple. A Policy is a clear, simple statement of how your organisation intends to conduct its […]
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