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Fire protection lease obligations and WHS Duty of Care

Hi, I’m seeking some help/comments from Corporate Real Estate professionals in Australia. We’ve been fine tuning the Fire Protection compliance matrix for our clients and their leasehold properties and were wondering if you could provide some feedback on the compliance matrix below. Our clients want to ensure they are meeting their WHS Duty of Care obligations by […]

87% of your fire and smoke doors are probably non-compliant!

In 2008, a study by R Doleman (see below) found that 87% of 160 audited fire and smoke doors were non-compliant with over 935 failure items! (Approx reading time: less than 6 mins) Robert, thank you for your study because it proves what we’ve been thinking for a long time: some contractors are just not up to the […]

The 6 worst mistakes we’ve seen in supplier reports

We track thousands of certificates for our clients and have seen quite a few bad quality documents. Had an absolute classic one a few days ago, so I thought I’d list six of the worst mistakes we’ve seen. Do you recognise them? Do you have any horror stories? 1. No date This was the recent […]
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