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Major Release 4.3

After months of coding, coffee, doughnuts and testing, we have released 4.3 to the world!

So what’s the big deal we hear you ask….well it should make your life a lot easier. There are two main changes

Customisable grids, which means customisable reports

Until now, all the lists of documents have been presented in a fixed table, well now you can

  • Drag and drop to change the column order
  • Hide and show columns
  • Resize column widths
  • Pin columns
  • Sort and filter by multiple columns
  • Group by columns

and you can even save your settings so you can export your customised reports to excel.

Define your own sub-glossary

Until now, everything was controlled by the settings we defined in the Global Glossary and you had no way of eliminating all the confusing choices that were not applicable to your business.

Now, not only can you define your own sub-glossary, but you can also define a few of your own settings.

  • Define your own sub-glossary. Eliminate all the glossary items you don’t need so you don’t get confused and bombarded by too many choices.
  • Define your own tolerance periods
  • Define your own “about to expire” warning periods
  • Set your own risk likelihood and risk consequences (available with the risk matrix)

Feedback so far has been very positive so we are pretty sure you will like the new flexibility.

Happy assurance.

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