Baseline data: Trust your installer but verify

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How often have you received a one-sentence Installation and Commissioning certificate that simply states “We certify that we have installed and tested XYZ according to the standard ABC (or manufacturer’s instructions)“.

I’m afraid these bland, one-line statements are simply not good enough! Buyers need to demand that installers include the baseline data as part of the Installation and Commissioning statement so the equipment can be serviced and maintained effectively over its service life. If you don’t know what the baseline data was, how can anyone servicing it know if it is working to specification?

Many of our clients trust their installers but they still need to verify that the equipment was actually installed and tested correctly. Sometimes, this baseline data can be a regulatory or standards requirement where the regulation or standard will define the baseline data required. If there isn’t a standard, often the manufacturers provide blank commissioning statements as part of the installation and commissioning guide.

For example, baseline data may include

  • address of the site where the equipment has been installed
  • who installed it, company name and technicians name
    • and sometimes their qualifications and/or certificates of competency
  • date of installation
  • serial numbers
  • all the installation and commissioning test results
  • any site-specific calculations
  • any site-specific design drawings
  • any site-specific ‘as installed’ or ‘as wired’ drawings
  • any connections notices, e.g if the equipment is connected by landline to a security station, fire station etc.
    • and test results
  • block plans
  • etc

So next time you are getting any equipment installed and you’ve asked for an Installation and Commissioning certificate, make sure your installer is aware that you require a full and complete Installation and Commissioning report, including all baseline data before the invoice will be paid.

Nigel Dalton-Brown, GAICD, AMIIA, MBA

Managing Director, Chair, Speaker, Lecturer, Author

Nigel is the Founder of Strytex and has been presenting and writing on Goverence, Obligational Awarenss, Risk Management and Compliance administration (GORC) since 2010.

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