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Our documents are stored all over the place. It’s a mess.
I don’t know if my staff, my buildings, my products or even my suppliers are actually compliant!

Every month, we waste days of time trying to find documents….

…and when we do find the document, we never know if it’s the current one.
Keeping all our own documents up to date takes up so much time.

Compliance is a daunting task. We don’t even know where to start.
We spend days getting everything together for Board reports and Senior Management meetings.

I’m a small/medium business and I’m not sure of what I’m doing.

Auditing is a nightmare. Every year it totally disrupts the organisation.

We’ve got hundreds of suppliers. It’s a nightmare trying to keep all their documents up to date
MISSOT Powered by

Strytex is a secure, cloud based, Managed Intelligent Single Source of Truth (MISSOT) that powers your business systems.
We've made it so simple that you don't need to do a thing.

The Strytex portal

When we developed the spec, we asked everyone what they wanted. They said:

  • Keep it simple
  • We just want to know who or what is non-compliant and why so we can focus on reducing our risks

The portal is your executive KPI dashboard with single click drilldown to the detail you need to manage your risk.

Read only data interface (RODI)

Our philosophy is that data should entered once and used multiple times so we have provided direct access to the database so you can

  • Create your own BI dashboards
  • Interface to your existing business systems

The three core elements of the MISSOT


Strytex is uniquely a Managed Service

Compliance administration is a people problem.

It's a job everybody hates.

Certificates keep expiring hourly, daily, weekly or up to every 30 years and keeping everything up to date is a nightmare task. Software is not the solution.


Customisable compliance control matrices

Every organisation is unique and over 50% of compliance rules are driven by internal policies and procedures. Build your custom compliance control matrices using advanced AND/OR logic for all parts of your business.

ISO 19600 Compliance Management Systems
ISO 22000 Food Safety
ISO 4100 Facility Management Systems
AS/NZS 4810 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
AS1851 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment
Internal Compliance External Compliance
  • Your Business
  • Your Suppliers and contractors
  • Your Staff
  • Their Business
  • Your Properties
  • Their Staff
  • Your Assets
  • Their Products
  • Your Products
  • Their Assets
  • Your Projects

Single Source of Truth

Unlimited, intelligent document storage

Store all your current and archived compliance certificates in one place so your organisation has a single source of truth.

Documents are stored in a flat structure with metadata so you no longer need to remember file and folder structures.

Simply search or filter by any variable to find any certificate.

The extra bits

Global glossary of compliance documents

Global glossary of compliance documents

As we collect information on every type of compliance certificate, we are creating a global resource for anyone to use. You don’t even have to join Strytex to access the global glossary.
ISO 31000 Risk Management

ISO 31000 Risk Management

Members define their unique risk matrix and then use it to assign risk levels to all of their compliance certificates.

They then prioritise their risk reduction programmes to

  • certificates that are Very High or High risk
  • certificates that are mandatory (i.e. defined in the compliance matrices as mandatory documents)

So what’s next?

Strytex is a simple idea, a simple solution and a simple decision. Take a look around. Get in touch.

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The FREE stuff

We connect buyers and suppliers so that buyers can manage their external supplier and contractor compliance.
We don’t think suppliers should have to pay to submit their information so we’ve built a whole pile of free stuff for suppliers, SMEs, micro businesses and sole traders.

FREE secure site

FREE secure site

All you need is a company registration number and your country
FREE unlimited users

FREE unlimited users

FREE unlimited users Yes, that’s right. We do not charge per user. Provide access to everyone in your organisation.
FREE document storage up to 250MB

FREE document storage up to 250MB

Store all your compliance certificates up to 250MB for free by

  • Company
  • Staff
  • Property
  • Asset
  • Product
  • Project

Coming soon

FREE email alerts

FREE email alerts

Get free email alerts when a certificate is

  • About to expire
  • Has expired but within tolerance
  • Has expired and is out of tolerance
FREE public company profile

FREE public company profile

Build a free public company profile promoting who you are, what you do and how to contact you
FREE link to your public compliance certificates

FREE link to your public compliance certificates

Tired of sending out your Certificates of Currency, HACCP, Registrations etc. Simply add our link to your website and when you update your certificates, all your linked customers automatically get your updated certificates
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